Technical Support

Our Technical Support teams support, maintain, and enhance your product or platform to augment the end customer experience that is critical for your business.

As an experienced Technical Support partner, we will work with you to establish well-defined process strategies that support your business objectives. Our stringent quality monitoring process and effective optimization models ensure predictable service levels and cost advantage.

Our capabilities include

Application support

  • Performance management
  • Application monitoring
  • Application maintenance
  • Change management
  • Configuration management
  • Application deployment
  • Performance tuning

Product support

  • Performance management
  • User and feature support
  • Product usability training or demo
  • Deployment

Technical help Desk

  • Technical service desk support
  • User training and assistance

Standard Product Support

The support on the certain areas would be considered under maintenance contract that covers the following areas of product support:

Installation Related

Provides assistance in the installation & reinstallation of the software and addressing the issues related to it.

Report Related

ASM covers the issues under the standard report. Report layout modifications like changing logo or caption would be included but, any logic change, addition of Data fields in the existing report along with new reports creation would be out of the scope.

Software Related

Queries include software usability issues encountered in normal functionality specific to the BatchMaster software plus customizations and Add-Ons provided.

Integration with Third Party Software

The integration of BatchMaster with third party software would be supported, limited to the current configuration supported by BatchMaster.

Compatibility Issues

Compatibility Issues of BatchMaster with different systems like SQL server, OS, etc., would be addressed, provided that BatchMaster has released the compatibility version of certain products and is validated by the system. 

Integration with Financial Software

Issues related to integration of BatchMaster and Accounting application would also be included as a part of maintenance. 

Data Related Issues

Like data correction during the routine business process would be undertaken by BatchMaster. BatchMaster would not take any responsibility of any changes made in the data through back end by the customer, accomplished through the GUI, neither would entertain data corrections to maintain the referential integrity of the system. 


Any issue related to the licensing of the software will be addressed by BatchMaster. 

Released Service Pack

Covers providing information about the release of the new patches for the customer relevant areas. Batch Master would also be available to assist customer’s key contact in the installation of the new built and patches.

Support Provided on A Chargeable (Time and Material) Basis

IT Support

IT Support Is provided on chargeable basis. The actual task will be performed after the execution of Work Order and receipt of payment. This includes:

  • Data maintenance excluding backup restoration in case of server/operating system failure.
  • Restoration, however will not include readying the server machine with an operating system, but will include installation of Batch Master standard/customized product before the database is finally restored.
  • Installation & upgrade of the software on the various workstations excluding server and 1 client machine.
  • Network and accessibility issues Indexing and re-indexing of the database Installations and configuration of software other than those provided by Batch Master.

Batch Master Knowledge Support

This support is also provided on the chargeable basis and includes:

  • Training to new employees of the customer.
  • Training on the Add-on products purchased later.
  • Training on the Crystal Reports.

Report Modifications and Application Customizations

  • All application customizations.
  • All the Reports creation, modifications and customization

are included and tasks will be performed after Work Order generation and receipt of corresponding payments.