SAP Hybris

Multichannel e-commerce of companies could be handled effectively through SAP Hybris technology. Redefine your customer service through Omni channel selling of goods and services grabbing attention of large group target audience.

Get closer to your customer through these strategies allows sales service managers to have flexibility in delivering growing needs of current trends. Cloud CRM portfolio gives several guidelines to engage among consumers in best way resulting in flawless execution for attractive customer experience perspective.

Using SAP Hybris solution business owners can gain 3600 view on complete services on real time thereby understanding customer requirements within a moment enhancing opportunities.



e-commerce solution saves time and money on marketing and selling your products.

SAP Hybris As A Service

With this micro-services system, companies can gain power to quickly develop custom applications within your existing platforms providing cutting edge apps to engage with your customers.

Revenue Solutions

Increase transparency across revenue management from customer engagement to recognition with scalable and highly-automated billing, invoicing and revenue management Hybris solution.

Engagement Center

Exceptional customer engagement service could be gained through real time insight on multi-channel resources. Powerful analytics platform resolves customer issues at first point of contact.


SAP Hybris Sales Cloud
Allow your representatives to innovate meaningful conversations and arrive at powerful decisions at right timing reaching customers at anytime, anywhere. Transparency granted for respective managers allows them to monitor opportunities based on account performance of individual users.

SAP Hybris Service Cloud
Deliver consistent services across all channels by providing better help desk to consumer products empowering technicians to use right tools and technologies. Multiple service channels available for integration greatly help to do real time service analytics.

SAP Hybris Social Engagement  
Integration of social media allows having organizational data across varied service and support channels. By the adoption of digitization response to buyers could be made at right timing irrespective of locations. Handling of huge volume of messages and quicker responses are made easier through this solution.

SAP Hybris Cloud    
Since buyers are in need of instant responses, marketing team has to involve at faster workspace in order to arrive at intuitive results prompting to have subscription and lead management at affordable pricing. Cloud for customer centric forum lets to do sales and services at any time building long term commitments.

SAP Hybris Service
Deployment of cloud-based service enables you to deliver exceptional service to customers leaving you to withstand in competitive digital environment covering every touch point delivering excellence service.

Product capabilities include

Attractive dashboard systems available delivers consistent service experience around varied channels such as email, web-based solutions and cloud technology.

  • Multi channel service ticketing
  • Service analytics
  • Self servicing systems
  • User friendly customer experience
  • Multi level service accounting and ticketing
  • Instant access to required information

SAP Hybris Commerce Cloud

Throughout the purchasing scenario engage your customers in formal approach via Hybris commerce solution that brings in fulfilment of merchandising operations. Detection of customers you return to your products frequently are analyzed and special attention can be provided triggering to have bulk purchases.

Various commerce solutions include

SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud

Builds interaction among your customers and engage with them intelligently in real time so that adoption of needs and market trends goes through deeper insights giving personalized experience to users.

Enterprise authorities could gain clear transparency on marketing plans upgrading agility to change and track ongoing and newer opportunities across varied dimensions.

Hybris Marketing cloud prompts to do

  • SAP CRM Management
  • SAP Media Exchange
  • Easier marketing analytics
  • Flexible solution develops secured and scalable production and supply chain environment
  • Profile matching through determining targeted people is made simple in marketing processes

B2C commerce

  • Customer loyalty could be strengthened and increased sales could be obtained over consistent experiences for your customers.
  • SAP Commerce solution gives your customers what they are in need of, every time they interact with your business in online granting real time experience.

B2C commerce

  • Omni-channel B2B commerce solution provides flexibility and functionality in finding valuable customers who derive huge amount of revenue to your concern.
  • B2B gives your customers the freedom to save repeat purchases by giving them self-service and account management for buyers across varied locations.

Product Content and Catalog Management

  • Consolidate product content and control information about your products through easy-to-use system that works across all channels.
  • Grant your customers with rich, engaging content including video, images and editorial content that really shows off your products – including those collected from multiple suppliers resulting in the smarter buying capabilities