SAP Certified Add On

It should come as no surprise that the SAP market is the home to a number of 3rd party vendors.

3rd party vendors offer different kinds of addons for the various SAP products to enhance functionality, ease use or integration with other systems of record.

Over the years the way to find out who the vendors were and what they were certified for has changed and is changing.
SAP is driving toward an appstore focused particularly on vendors who are offering solutions developed on HANA or for S4HANA so watch this space as more evolves here but in the meantime the store front that has been active for a while now is still a good one.

Take a look at the following to get a sense of where you go to get partner and certification information.

The SAP application Developer Directory allows you to slice and dice the partners by type, program, platform and certifications.
The SAP store is where you go to find those apps that you might consider particularly for your older SAP installations – that’s not to say these are not relevant to S4 HANA – simply that they are not necessarily focused on the new technologies.

The SAP App Center – a place to discover apps that work with the newer stuff and where you can learn more about the HANA Cloud Platform.