SAP MDM provides typical features of Data Consolidation, Management and Data SAP MDM provides typical features of Data Consolidation, Management and Data. However, sometimes SAP MDM is not capable of providing end-to-end Master Data Solution on its own. This paper explains how other technologies can be complemented with MDM to overcome the challenges and provide a complete solution.

SAP MDM (Master Data Management) supports Master data management and governance scenarios by feature like, import, syndication, workflow and matching and merging. Most of the typical master data management implementation needs are met with these out-of-the-box features. However, it falls short of meeting certain customer specific requirements of an end to end master data solution. For a better explanation in this paper, let us define the terms MDM implementation and MDM Solution.

SAP MDM Features

MDM Implementation:Implementation of Master data Management by using out of the box features of SAP MDM. This fits well in, green-field implementation of MDM which include establishing interfacing systems that provide the data to MDM and receive the data from MDNM Business Processes may need to be revised to suit features of SAP MDNM.

MDM solution : An end to end solution that satisfies customer-specific application logic around the master data before it is made available for operational usage. This fits well in, scenarios where Master Data Management is introduced into the already existing system landscape. And there is no possibility to revise the business processes to suit feature of SAP MDM.

SAP MDM Provides features which are required for an MDM Implementation, but fails to satisfy the needs of an MDM Solution. This paper outlines, with an example scenario, how features of CE and SAP PI can be complemented with MDM to provide an MDM Solution.

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