You make people happy. We hope you know that. We believe making eatables goes beyond just making them. It requires artistic excellence, it requires prudence and you having all that, skill like others are not free of challenges. with your growth your challenges.

Grow as well. Managing inventory, account receivables, optimizing delivery schedules, meeting compliance and understanding the demand can prove to be grueling. But with ADR ERP you can pretty much say goodbye to all these problems.

Quality Comes First

Be it any industry quality is always the priority and that’s why to help you maintain your quality we have a robust quality control and analysis module that ensures a thorough quality check at every step of the way. The system helps you set quality clearance, define control points, inspection plans, set standard operating procedures, and also suggest item /Iot change based on quality reports.

Be Complaint, Always

When it comes to quality one wrong step can tarnish the image to a level that it becomes irreparable and can also let down your followers, never let anyone down. Meet your compliance and be The good name in the industry. Our system will Help You comply with various regulations such as FDA, FSMA, BATF. Track your Iot’s, maintain reports and comply to all The guidelines.

Track a Lot

Food Safety is the most important thing and there’s no doubt about that. To ensure quality it’s important to know that ingredients are being used in what quantities, where they are coming from, and how. You can do that with the help of our system. It keeps you informed about the journey that your raw materials make from the time of receipt to the time they are formed into a finished product.

Before they Expire

With ADR ERP you can track the products throughout their life cycle. Have first in, first out, categorize products, locate them, manage bins, shelves, rows, and columns. Have quality checks and make sure there’s minimal wastage and high quality is maintained always.

Inventory Under Control

Improper management of inventory could result in a lot of spoilage. Therefore, a correct understanding of demand is crucial for correct production and storage. ADR ERP will help you know the right requirements, have clarity and balanced between your raw materials, intermediates and finished goods. It will help make and manage reports, bifurcate your products and raw materials based on their attributes such as the measuring units, color, quality, expiry and more.

Plan Your Production

When you know exactly how much you need to produce by what time, you can produce it more effectively. Our system has Advance planning and Scheduling (APS) which with its smart technology makes a full blown report where the above stated is made true. You’ll know the when, how and what of production requirements, create production requirements, create production orders and never miss a delivery that too without any wastage.