Engineering, construction & operation (EC&O)

Engineering, Construction & Operation (EC&O )

Large-scale construction projects are complex and risky. An integrated platform supporting the full construction lifecycle helps engineering, construction, and operations (EC&O) firms manage projects, avoid risk, and stay competitive.

Low margins, intense competition, and demands for faster completion times increase risks and put enormous pressure on EC&O firms.

At the same time, a company’s cash position and liquidity are crucial to success and growth. Globalization creates new challenges with even more competition and increased project complexity.

It’s harder to communicate with partners, vendors, and customers across time zones and language barriers. In this highly competitive market where margins are constantly under pressure, operational excellence combined with greater efficiency is key to achieving profitability.

To achieve operational excellence, project-driven firms need an integrated and project-centric solution ‒ one that provides project visibility and enables process efficiency so they can maximize productivity, minimize cost overruns, and provide sustainable returns on operating assets.

Find out how leading EC&O companies take advantage of SAP technology and solutions to bridge the gap between the design blueprint and construction realities, accessing real-time information across the entire budgeting process for smarter decision making. Become a best-run EC&O company.

Best-run engineering, construction, and operations companies build their reputation on completing even the most challenging projects on time and within budget by maximizing productivity and efficiency while managing and mitigating risk. Business Priorities for Best-Run EC&O Companies.

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