The Automotive Industry is highly impacted with customer preferences, responsive supply chain, digitization and increasing automation. SAP offers best-in-class solutions for Automotive Industry to innovate faster, increase efficiency and adopt new trends in the industry.

LTI helps Automotive companies in reimagining digitized business models with innovative solutions across the industry value chain, powered by next generation technologies, including HANA, Mobility, IOT, etc.

Automotive market is a heavily interconnected world with many participating partners and heterogeneous drivers. On the one hand, markets which are rapidly growing must be served, quick rollouts managed, and smooth logistics implemented. On the other, saturated markets require new ideas for mobility, customer retention and value creation in service processes in order to achieve sufficient margins.

What Sets Us Apart?

Technical innovations also make a difference. The electric power train reduces the need for service and therefore direct customer contact. Connected Car opens up entirely new opportunities for interaction with customers, and customers are becoming more discerning and want personalized service. Information about the life cycle of customers and vehicles is gaining in importance. It is the basis for outstanding sales management and therefore future success.

SAP For Automotive Implementation

  • Optimization of existing solutions
  • Implementation of new solutions
  • Customized add-ons
  • Integration of special solutions