Trading & Distribution

ADR Group’s Global Trade & Compliance Management to take your business beyond the borders

Wholesale Distribution companies face several micro- and macroeconomic challenges in today’s business. The industry is experiencing dynamic changes including unpredictable consumer behaviors, demand fluctuations, and changes in regulations. OUR ERP Softwares (SAP & ADR’s ERP (Powered by Odoo V12 EV)) for Trading Industry helps wholesale traders to overcome present and future challenges.

Meet your wholesale and distribution business needs with the most innovative, industry specific Enterprise Resource Planning software solution. To run a profitable business in today’s marketplace, you have to carry out a variety of tasks such as maintaining an efficient supply chain, supporting complex and diversified pricing schemes, retaining personnel, and preventing theft or loss.

OUR ERP Softwares (SAP & ADR’s ERP (Powered by Odoo V12 EV)) for Trading and Distribution is an industry specific, fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP Software) that provides you with extensive reporting and data visibility, helping you to analyze your business processes and to make quicker and smarter decisions.

OUR ERP Softwares (SAP & ADR’s ERP (Powered by Odoo V12 EV)) for trading industry provides you with real-time data, decision-making power, and efficient processes for tracking your operations and getting empowered to overcome future challenges. With our built-in applications for Global Trade Compliance and transportation system now you can quickly take your business beyond the boundaries.

The solution helps you to maximize visibility and flexibility across your wholesale business so you can drive a better business growth. Achieve operational excellence, profitable growth, and improved cash flow with the most innovative Enterprise Resource Planning software for trading and wholesale industry.