SAP Mobility Solution

Mobility is becoming an intrinsic part of what businesses do every day. For revenue stream generation, branding, loyalty, productivity, and cost reduction, it’s an essential part of today’s business environment and impossible to ignore. ADR has the expertise you need to integrate mobility into your business.

The ADR Enterprise mobile orchestra-tor is an engine for growth and contains all the elements necessary to implement and deploy a mobile solution while complementing SAP software. It’s a framework with various offerings, services, and sub-components that allow you to pick and choose a mobile solution in line with your organization’s needs.

Sap Mobility Benefits


Mobilize SAP and improve the efficiency for your business:

  • No additional skills required to manage the foreign mobility platforms.
  • No additional hardware required for development, testing, and production systems.
  • No additional effort required to control and migrate the changes between systems.
  • No additional IT contracts required to support the add-on infrastructure.
  • No manual process required to identify the errors across multiple systems.