Professional Services

Meet client expectations, generate new revenue streams, offer digital services, and adopt new outcome-based business models for nonlinear growth by integrating data and processes through digital transformation and managing your total workforce in the cloud.

Professional Services solution helps companies deal with the complexity of their business requirements and achieve profitable growth by improving their operational efficiency, business responsiveness, and the customer relationship

Professional Services covers the entire business process of cross-industry professional services, from lead generation, opportunity management, project management, and project resource planning through to the follow-up processes in engagement management, such as invoice creation and analysis.


  • Control profitability by identifying and concentrating on profitable projects and customers.
  • Optimize the utilization of service capacity.
  • Simplify the process of recording time and expenses for both consultants and service employees.
  • Bill clients timely and accurately by managing complex billing agreements.
  • Ensure the transparency of service contracts and the corresponding service delivery.