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Why ADR for your Implementation Partner ?

When considering your ERP implementation partner, which area is most important for your organisation? Do you need help with integration? Identify and target your weak spots to confirm that your future partner is an expert in whichever area you involve the most support.

ADR have providing implementation services and covered all the major industries like manufacturing trading, retails, accounts and finance etc. We have implemented numerous successful projects for our valued clients in countries across Asia and USA

With ADR Group as your implementation partner, you get more than just a technical implementation. You get commitment, experience, and recognised expertise.

our implemenation Methodology

The customer defines the business need, the way to satisfy it is defined by the product
• List of all business needs by business unit
• Estimated planning, phasing and budget of the next steps
• A fully configured software that covers all business flows
• Demo of the software to the key users
• GAP Analysis with a list of the remaining developments
• Complete software with customer’s data
• Go Live
• Post Go Live Support

How do we Implement ?

Phase 1: Business Need Analysis

The first step allows the project manager to compile all the relevant busi- ness needs of the company. This comes in the form of a series of interviews with department managers to analyze their work flows. The final deliverable is a prototype specification and a GAP Analysis.

Phase 2: Full Featured Prototype

The next step is to fully configure and customize the ERP to cover all business flows. The scope is defined as “the maximum you can get from a standard solution, with customization .Although no data is imported and no third-party software is integrated, the software should be fully functional and the company should theoretically be able to start using it

Phase 4: Validation & Training

The purpose of this phase is to complete the final preparation (including testing, end user Training, system management and cutover activities) to finalize your readiness to go live. The Final Preparation phase also serves to resolve all critical open issues. On successful completion of this phase, you are ready to run your business in your live ERP System.

Phase 5 & 6: Deployment: Go live and Second Deployment

Once we go live, the project manager and developers should handle all issues that may arise as soon as possible.Around one month after the first deployment, you review the list of remaining developments that were not launched in Phase 1 (i.e. developments scheduled for Phase 2: you can operate the business without them, but it’s not efficient).

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